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Hello house hunters! My name is Frank Palombo, owner of FX Home Services LLC. 

When my wife and I were first in the market looking to buy a house, having it inspected was the last thing on my mind – in fact, I didn’t even know that getting a home inspection was going to be part of the process!

After placing my first bid on a house and getting it inspected, I was so impressed by the care and consideration that my own home inspector showed regarding my purchase and the house in general. I began following him around the house asking all sorts of questions, as most first-time home buyers should and would do. I wanted to know where any emergency shut-off switches or valves could be located, how to check if my electrical outlets are safe and grounded. Most of all, I wanted to get as much value as I possibly could from the home inspector and his inspection, especially value that could outlast my expectations and help me be a better homeowner for the rest of my life.

I ended up not purchasing that first house, but by the time I found a home that was suitable for my family my home inspector knew me well and encouraged me to become a home inspector myself! 

 I did and here we are, ready to inspect your future home! I will bring the same attentiveness, care, and passion into inspecting your home as I did when I was looking for one. I know well how stressful and confusing buying a home can be – let me be the one thing that will alleviate your worry, and not add to it.